psychiatric advance directives: a possible tool for caregivers?

I have not yet heard of this tool being used with eating disorders, but I wonder if psychiatric advance directives (PAD) might be a useful option for US families with older children.

A PAD can be revoked, but it does indicate that a sufferer has at some point in time both been diagnosed and had a care plan that caregivers and family can use as a compass. Certain basics can be established, such as a contingency plan in case of relapse, who to inform in a crisis, treatment goals and parameters.

One of the most heartbreaking situations is where parents watch helplessly over an ill loved one who refuses to let all parties communicate clearly, or capriciously changes the treatment plan. ED distorts and stymies attempts to help. Too often, ED is in charge and clinicians' hands are tied.

More tools are needed. I'd like to hear if anyone is using PADs for eating disordered patients. I'd also like to hear what similar laws or tools exist in other countries.


  1. I'm sitting here thinking how helpful this would be in dealing with my mother (who has declining cognitive function aka Dementia NOS) and how absolutely freaked out I'd be if it was tried with me.

    double standard ..absolutely *grin*


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