Zap that ED away!

Always on the lookout for innovations in treatment, today was the first time I've heard report of using deep brain stimulation for anorexia. Small study, extreme cases, but interesting.

DBS has been used to treat Parkinson's and depression. And vagus nerve stimulation has been used with bulimia, depression, and epilepsy.

It makes you wonder, if therapies like this can work, what are they fixing? Not society. Not the bullies, or the models, or swapping out for different parents. Something in the brain is being altered, or blocked, or reconnected. There is so much to learn.


  1. I watched a program on neuro plasticity and we do have enough info to begin with. I even took notes.

    #1 The brain can change but one must be in the mood....which is probably why we need to nourish it first and work on changing the thinking after. It's also why we want to do things ourselves when we can.

    #2 the brain can strengthen the neurons between connections. Say one idea links to ah ha moment.

    #3 Neurons that FIRE together WIRE together. Again connections matter and may hold the key to healing.

    #4 Initial changes are temporary. Yep, if we want to see real change we must work at it, bit by bit.

    #5 Plasticity of the brain is a 2 way street. We can't either drive it negatively or positively...and it's more malleable than we realize.

    #6 Memory is crucial for learning.

    #7 Motivation is a key factor. Which can be an advantage or disadvantage. I suspect this is why sometimes a person in recovery benefits from direction from a person who they are most likely to hear. Sometimes mom, sometimes not.
    It was mentioned that meditation can also be a good way to address healing the brain.
    I think we have all the evidence we need that the brain can change and heal itself. Guess mood and motivation are 2 of the elusive little devils that can keep us cozy in our broken places or help us get busy. Changing our mindset may mean opening new doors within and allowing ourselves to be well.


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