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OK, this is really stupid, but I'm going to recommend that you pay these 25 pages of wisdom for $30 before you buy my book.

The article "Anorexia Nervosa Among Children and Adolescents" is an authoritative overview from the perspective of a very experienced adolescent medicine specialist - one who also happened to treat my daughter. The article was published in 2005, but I was recently re-reading it and wished I could send it to every parent - and clinician - I knew.

On lab tests: "falsely reassuring, as patients have been known to die with 'normal lab values.'"

On BMI: "not useful for children and young adolescents"

On refeeding syndrome: "occurs mostly in hospitalized patients receiving an excessive nutritional load without phosphorus supplementation...not found in the dieting, untreated patient with AN, because phosphorus is found in nearly all the foods she consumes."

On psychotherapy: "Psychotherapy is not compatible with the starving brain." ... "Statements about 'making psychological progress' or 'gaining insight' about their condition are unacceptable without accompanying weight recovery."

And this: "In the 21st century, psychotherapeutic treatment of patients with AN without medical backup is akin to malpractice."


  1. Please can I have the authors name & journal particulars Thanks Alison

  2. Advances in Pediatrics
    Volume 52, 2005, Pages 49-76

    Anorexia Nervosa Among Children and Adolescents

    Tomas Jose Silber MD, MAa, b, Director, Professor of Pediatrics
    Adolescent Medicine Fellowship Program, Children's National Medical Center
    The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Washington, DC

    For a link to where to purchase the article, click on link in blog post above.


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