For the brothers and sisters

Today is our son's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday, son, and thank you for just being a brother when your sister was ill, even though you didn't know what an eating disorders was. Siblings get a raw deal when their brother or sister is ill and their parents go batty with worry.

I just asked Elijah "what do you think eating disorders are?"

He said, "mom, stop sucking my brain for stuff for your blog. Ask the dog. Can I open another present now?"

Thank you for keeping us grounded, dear.

The dog says "Merry Christmas."


  1. Ask the dog? hahaha
    It's great that you ended up sharing him in your blog, something he had coming.

    I know that boy!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too Laura.

  2. Many happy returns to the boy and an extremely happy christmas to the dog - and to his whole family

  3. That was too precious. Your son has a good head on his shoulders- he obviously takes after you.

    Happy holidays to all of you.


  4. Out of the mouths of siblings . . .

    I hope your Chinese meal was good. We had ours last night, along with a comedy show called Oy to the World. Well, that's what Jews do on Xmas!


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