Fork You, Eddie

I'm a big fan of Carrie Arnold and her writing. She has waged a long war against her eating disorder, and has an ability to describe her experience without the crutch of simply following a dogma or policy line. That isn't easy for a writer, and I'm guessing it is even harder when you are a public figure representing an illness.

She's also wickedly funny, and sometimes profane, so when she names her marvelous fork necklaces "Fork You, Eddie" she means what you think she means. My daughter and I both have fork necklaces and love them!

She's donating profits to NEDA, which is in my opinion the best organization in the US at bringing together all people involved with ED and pressing for real improvement.


  1. Bought mine yesterday in preparation for wearing it in February. Wish I'd been a bit more organised with Christmas but it's good to plan ahead for some things isn't it?


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