in US, Friday, one call, you are needed

If you could pick up the phone one time and improve the lives of countless people in just 3 minutes, would you?

Mental health parity means insurance companies would have to treat brain illness as real illness. That treatment for eating disorders and depression and all the ways the brain can get ill can be paid for on an equal footing with other illnesses.

On Friday, December 7, in the US, we can all use the toll-free Parity Hotline, 1-866-parity4 (1-866-727-4894), to call representatives and senators and leave a message urging their active support for the mental health and addiction parity legislation.

This isn't an empty gesture. These calls are counted, and every call indicates even larger numbers of people care. This isn't just an eating disorder issue: this bill could make material difference to untold numbers of families with any brain illness. And no, this will not mean the insurance companies will go out of business.

The EDC Family & Friends Action Network suggests this message:

Message: “I am calling to ask the senator/representative to not let another year go by without passing mental health and addiction parity legislation. Please work with the Leadership to pass parity now.”

If parity is not passed by December 21 the issue may be lost to "election year deadlock."

Many, many very good and very smart people have worked hard for YEARS to get to this point. Let's do our small part to support them, and each other.

Three minutes. You can spare it. You matter.


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