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I can see you. When you read this blog, I can tell where you are on the map, what kind of monitor you are reading on, how long you read, and how many times you've been here before. Not to worry, I won't tell.

What interests me most are the words people searched for to get here.

Google Search: anorexia force feeding inpatient costs
Google Search: bmi 11 anorexic
Google Search: what is an anorexic
Google Search: fasts for anorexics
Google Search: why parents suck
Google Search: anorexia and controlling mother
Google Search: make me anorexic
Yahoo Search: going anorexic for journalism
Google Search: holiday gift psychiatrist
Google Search: how to make your parents think you are eating
Google Search: force feeding as a solution to anorexia
Google Search: anorexic gift
Google Search: if i wanted to be an anorexic what would i have to do?
Google Search: how to keep being anorexic from your parents
Google Search: how to worsen anorexia
Google Search: anorexics eating forks
Google Search: maudsley doesnt work
Google Search: bulimia parents at fault blame
Google Search: weird treatments for eating disorders


  1. I have you bookmarked :)

  2. I've heard of anorexics eating tissues, but forks would be painful to the throat on the way down don't you think?
    I also have you book marked, but when I'm accessing from somewhere else I'm very boring and just go for "Laura Collins Are you eating with your anorexic?"

  3. Crreeeepy! I hope the surveillance is useful for specific reasons? I find it slightly....creepy to feel I'm being followed/tracked, even though we're undoubtedbly under the radar most times in our society- land of the free!

    Cheers- and I'll keep the sunglasses on with my trench-coat collar up :-

  4. Hey- you could have gotten some really bizarre ones from your recent "Depression" book that you featured. Hee hee.

    Most people find me by googling "ED Bites." Booooooring. I did get one "Think Like a Thin Person".

  5. carrie, I've always wanted to post on your blog but you have it restricted to people with google accounts only :(

    I have both your books:P -- and I used to post on SF as Kiyara, which is where I found out about your book :)

    Your blog gives me hope!

    (Just wanted to say that! sry to invade Laura's blog!)

  6. A-

    I was wondering about you- where you'd been. Maybe I'll change the comments option. I was worried about my privacy at first, especially when I was griping about work stuff (an embarrassing way to get fired). So I'll go change that. Email me at carrie {At} edbites [DoT] com.


  7. Carrie, its funny -- you are like a celebrity to me :P

    I idenfity with so much of what you post on your blog -- and in your books. To me, you were always a source of hope because you struggled so much and still managed to keep trekking toward recovery -- Which is where I am right now -- in recovery and weight restored for the first time in my life -- it is terrifying.

    Your email is Would you mind if I emailed you?

    A :)

  8. Mine, Pearls and Dreams ...a blog about spirituality and family life ... gets most hits from "Needle torture" *bug eyes*

    it's about a medical procedure and my neurologist who had far too much enjoyment over getting to do this particular test on my needle phobic self. (he's been my doctor for 16 years, 14 at the time, and I'd been teasing him just a bit tooooo much about something and well ..he got his revenge and needed to do an EMG)


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