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As Time, Goes, By

Hello, world. Still here. This past 12 months... Let's just say that my experience of living in a pandemic has been of suspension. Suspended activities, relationships, projects. It never seems normal enough to make a plan, set a goal, make a decision. But while we're suspended, there are giggles, and new ideas, things are put aside permanently, people die, babies are born, aging progresses, very simple things become precious. This same 12 months, without covid, would have been so different that it hardly bears rumination. And yet, there remains this conviction that if we just hold on a little longer there will be something normal again. For me and my family, it has been a time of consolidation and reorganization, and preparing for many outcomes. Cleaning up and catching up. This page among that. Feel free to reach out. Let me know how you are. I care. I will respond. And if you are in the mood to hear what I've been up to, I have a new podcast series for this moment, about

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