Lessons learned on first "Laura & Friends Coffee Hour"

So, I had this idea. I'd just schedule an hour in the week and invite parent caregivers of those with eating disorders to gather in real time to talk. I was unsure of exactly how to manage it, and not sure how many people would be interested, but I figured what the heck I'd just START.

Because I really love talking with other caregivers. I love their insights, their triumphs, their staggeringly fierce love for their sons and daughters. And people keep asking for these opportunities.

This morning we gave it a whirl. Technical problems abounded, but the participants were so patient and generous with their time. We were joined, as I plan on all the calls, by a friend I know whose caregiving exemplifies the theme of the week. 

This week it was "Finding the Courage." Each participants had their own stories of courage and overcoming fear.

I was impressed by how each of us described the helpful role of "fear." Fear enabled us to do things that we never planned to HAVE to do. We also compared our experiences around working with our professional teams and having the courage of our convictions. It was heroic parenting 101.

The technical glitches made it appropriately imperfect so I have something to work on this week before next Saturday when we discuss "What if they hate us for the rest of their lives?" An OUTSTANDING experienced parent friend of mine will be on the call, too. Join us!

Oh, and please, if you or someone you know is dealing with a new eating disorder diagnosis please consider a Starfish Package? I put them together at my house, one by one, and walk them down to the local post office to Priority Mail them. They're the price of a small bouquet of flowers, but they contain vital information, timely comfort, and a bit of sass needed to get empowered and ready to meet the challenge ED dishes out.

And make sure to check out this Monday's episode of NEW PLATES, too. My guest is JD Ouellette, the parent advocate, and our topic is weight. The title is: "Weight Wait Don't Tell Me!" Subscribe on iTunes Podcasts or get on the Circum Mensam mailing list!


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