Podcasts About Eating Disorders

Podcasting is still not a well-understood idea. Everyone's HEARD of them now, but not everyone's listening to them or gets how they work. There seem to be two kinds of people, mostly: those whose commutes and housecleaning are dull wastes of time, and those who look forward to them. I'm one of the latter.

I'm a fan, but also a podcaster. Two years ago, after being a great listener of a wide range of podcasts, I went ahead and learned the other side: the recording, editing, producing, and publishing of these audio morsels. For my first project I picked something entirely out of my usual interests or comfort zone: "sex over 50" from the perspective of a prude. I researched the topic, got out there and found interviewees, studied audio design and the technicalities of publishing, and put in a year of work building an audience. And then, as planned, I stepped down and gave it to others to carry on. It was fun, it was enlightening, and I learned heaps.

Naturally, I'm applying that set of skills to my new podcast, NEW PLATES, around the topic of my work: eating disorders recovery. And as I get out there I find people in the ED world not that familiar with podcasts so part of my mission of spreading the word on what I do is helping others find good podcasts on the topic as well as helping out anyone who wants to start podcasting.

In that spirit, I want to point you all to the other eating disorder-related podcasts out there:

Eating disorder recovery podcast, with Tabitha Farrar
ED Matters, with Kathy Cortese
The Recovery Warrior Show, with Jessica Raymond
The Love, Food Podcast, with Julie Duffy Dillon
Eating disorder recovery podcast, with Janean Anderson

A shout-out, also, to the Eating Recovery Center Foundation's podcast list, curated by the estimable informationist, Millie Plotkin, which lists podcasts along with all other ED literature and media at: Eating Disorder Information Gateway


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