We SO need this with mental health care

The world of mental health care is a mess. While excellent clinicians save lives and do great work, legions of amateurs do little, and some commit active damage. And for most people in the world, there IS no mental health care available.

Availability, affordability, and incoherence on what works make it all too rare when a patient gets what they need.

(Of course, this is also true for all healthcare. In the US, where we tend to think we do things bigger and better, what we actually have is chaotic availability for very high cost of highly variable results.)

We'd all love a world where skilled clinicians were available in reasonable supply for affordable access... but short of that I'll fantasize of a world where Via E-Mail, Charity Links Sick People in Distant Areas to Specialists is being used to connect the very best science of eating disorders with the patients wherever they are.


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