How mad are you?

Some people are mad about the new BBC show: How mad are you?

I'm not sure....


  1. Looks interesting. I haven't heard of it until now. Unfortunately I don't get that channel so I can't scope it out.

  2. I'm not mad, and I did watch it (the second part, not the first). Obviously it's difficult to get all the nuances of mental illness into a couple of TV shows, but they made a couple of major points, probably the foremost of which was that it's actually very hard to 'tell' who has a diagnosed condition and who doesn't. The trained doctors didn't do very well at finding out the people with diagnosed illnesses. Morever, for once we got to speak to a woman who had had an eating disorder and she wasn't skeletal, and that's pretty unusual. AND all the guests were very kind to each other and very thoughtful - none of this weird articially whipped up tension you usually get. All in all, I thought it was good.

  3. I also liked it and was particularly impressed by Alex and Yasmin two of the "contestants" who had had mental illnesses and were great examples of the possibility of recovery and a good life. It wasn't serious science, but it was enjoyable TV with a serious point behind it and it helped my husband and I to talk about issues that we find difficult to tackle "head on"

  4. I'm not sure either...I try to hide those days from public view!

    Marcella, anything that gets a man sharing these things without blowing up or running away sounds alright to me. ;)


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