Information goulash

I've gotten backed up - lots of things I've been wanting to share. So I'm double-posting today and listing a bunch of stuff together:


  1. Thanks for the one on fasting. It just backs up what we've been thinking lately.

    - Wendy

  2. I'm surprised at the last article on panic attacks. Two out of the three risk factors are parents being over protective.

    Hmmm, was I overprotective when my d was young? I tried so hard not to be and to let her explore without inducing fear.

  3. Yeah, don't you love that "such as?" Sounds fishy to me.

    I'm guessing that a childhood of commercials about hand sanitizers and a news programs on terrorism and the constant stream of fear-mongering health ads are as likely to be triggers...

  4. I think it relates to a genetic predisposition that is then triggered by a commercial or a parent's comments, not the parent's themselves.

    Although the parent may have anxiety issues themselves that may be perceived as overprotectedness, the actual anxiety is more then likely transmitted genetically rather then physically -- does that make sense? I have one kid who is highly anxious (just like me) and another who doesn't have a care in the world (like dad)'s genetics. When we stop blaming different parenting styles and look at the chemistry, I think more people will be helped!


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