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We've all written a "why I blog" post, or we put it on our sidebars, but this piece, by Andrew Sullivan: Why I Blog says more about the motivations and rewards of this activity than anything.

Our interests may differ, but we all realize the

"wise panic that can paralyze a writer—the fear that he will be exposed, undone, humiliated—is not available to a blogger."

Sullivan also nails the relationship to the anonymous readers turned correspondents:

"These friends, moreover, are an integral part of the blog itself—sources of solace, company, provocation, hurt, and correction."

I've been blogging for almost exactly two years now, and although it is about me, it is meaningless if it is not also about you. The relationships and interrelationships mean a great deal to me. The ability to "leave a trail of bread crumbs back to reality" for fellow parents struggling with an ill loved one is an honor and a pleasure - but of course also harrowing:

“… readers responded. E-mail seemed to unleash their inner beast. They were more brutal than any editor, more persnickety than any copy editor, and more emotionally unstable than any colleague.

Again, it’s hard to overrate how different this is. Writers can be sensitive, vain souls, requiring gentle nurturing from editors, and oddly susceptible to the blows delivered by reviewers. They survive, for the most part, but the thinness of their skins is legendary….”

Just being a writer isn't enough. One must read one's readers as well. Thank you for reading, for giving me clues and links, and forgiving me my bouts of hubris and fury.


  1. You almost tempted me to start blogging again! I may need a fresh start.
    I like your hubris and fury! It gets things done. Your compassion just makes it all good!

  2. "...more emotionally unstable than any colleague..."? Obviously, we haven't worked in the same places... :)

    I have become much more aware of my readers through my blog- and I think that's a good thing. In my journals, I don't form coherent thoughts and good arguments, and that's what I think the field of EDs really needs in order to move forward.

    I know you helped to inspire me to start blogging.


  3. Mary: start blogging again!!

    Carrie: I'm verklempt!

  4. Laura, we must be reading the same things lately. :-) I too read this piece and liked his views about blogging.

    There was another interesting article (can't remember where right off hand) about the "Slow blog" movement which had some interesting thoughts as well.

  5. Tiptoe:

    Here's one of the slow blog articles:

    Isn't it fascinating how things evolve?


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