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Some recent blog topics I found interesting:

Grey Thinking was talking about Therapists with Eating Disorders and Frozen Oranges added her thoughts as well.

Carrie wrote two posts I'm eager to share: What I would love to see written about EDs, and she asks What's wrong with science?

Another one of my favorite vocab words got some play over at MindBlog: alexithymia.


  1. I read the "therapists with EDs post" and it was interesting. She has some good points there. Hmm, I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I think it would be good if the therapist could totally and completely understand EDs, which I think is hard to do unless you've had one. On the other hand, I think it's hard to totally get away from ED thinking, so that might be difficult. I've always wondered if my T had an ed. I don't think she has, but she won't really answer that questions either.

  2. Why do I wonder if she had an ED or why won't she answer?

    I am very curious which is why I want to know. I want to know everything.

    Why won't she answer?? I don't know. She doesn't really answer questions. I know she loves food though and eats everything but dried fruit because it grosses her out. I've never actually asked her if she had an ED to her face, but I did write it in my journals, which she read, and asked me why I wanted to know.


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