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The cure for sleepiness is sleep

Guilty as charged!

psychiatric advance directives: a possible tool for caregivers?

Drug for bingeing behavior shows promise

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Fork You, Eddie

AN in THIS century

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Relapse risk

best google searches


"Mom, I'm going to try crack cocaine!"

Are YOU looking at ME?

Don't buy my book

She burst out laughing

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Roots and wings

how can you treat what you cannot measure?

What does "mental illness" sound like to you?

in US, Friday, one call, you are needed

Love the therapist you're with?

Environment starts in the womb

Holiday gift giving!

An anorexic brain

Express yourself!

Non Causa Pro Causa

Don't worry mom, it's only a hunger strike!

This is your brain on depression

Keeping your child's illness a secret

2/3 of a cup of food is quite enough

Memory bias and directed forgetting

"they have to want to recover"

Carer Distress

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Terrific questions, outstanding answers

Marcella, you'll love this one!

Helicopter parenting

A whole new meaning to "gym rats"

PBS show includes Maudsley

Autism, aspergers, and anorexia

World Wide Charter for Action on Eating Disorders

Another kind of "feed"

video of Maudsley hospital

Mom of 11 year old son with anorexia starts her journey

Rare gem: article on EDs and sports that gets it

Medical journalism explained


"quietly revolutionising the treatment of anorexia nervosa"

Scary! It's not just us

He said she said he said she

Stop treating eating disorders


"Will you make me eat?"

It doesn't work, but it's what we've always done

Should children diet?

Parents want $150K, I think they need better clinicians

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NBC news story showing a family doing Maudsley

PANDAS are cute. But not when they trigger an eating disorder

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Birth control pills in anorexia treatment

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National Eating Disorders Assoc. Conference

Yes, some parents suck.

The monkey on your back does not carry donuts

But, it must be my fault. I saw it on Oprah!

Do parents cause eating disorders? See the video

New Family-Based Maudsley Treatment available in California

The margin of choice

"treat people who are living now"

I called. Did you?

leptin and hyperactivity


Assisted treatment

Parent gets APA to drop parent-blaming

Laugh, cry, rage