"fitness" is secret ladymagcode for "neurotic thinness"

Is there a Pulitzer prize for getting it ALL right in one page, sparkling with wit and appropriately seething profanity?
They promise to tone, transform, fix, and whittle your body, but all women's fitness magazines really do is help you lose all that flabby self-esteem you've spent years accumulating. How are they bullshit? Let us count the ways.
Why are we accepting "Women's Health" magazines like a dog pill slathered in peanut butter?**

Why do we march our groceries AND OUR CHILDREN by this profane self-loathing?

Read, chuckle, cheer, and ask yourself why this stuff gets produced and bought and what you're not doing about it.

** For some reason some people can't click through on that link and it goes kerfluey on them. Try cutting and pasting this:  http://jezebel.com/#!5753287/womens-fitness-magazines-are-bullshit


  1. You linked to a Jezebel piece about the fiscal argument for anti-choice legislation -- I think it was a mistake? I'd like to see the article you quoted, it sounds interesting!

  2. *confused!*

    It's working for me still. Anybody else?

    Is my connection just so in love with that piece it refuses to go anywhere else?

  3. I think it's because your link comes out as http://jezebel.com/#%21womensfitnessmagazines which, for me, went to 'College Candidates Slammed For Campaign "Glamour Shots"'

    This link lead to the real article http://jezebel.com/#!womensfitnessmagazines, so it was just a slight difference.

  4. I think that as Jezebel updates, new articles appear on the page - the first time I clicked, the fitness mag article was front & center, the second time it was supplanted and I found it on the sidebar.

  5. I too am so very tired of every magazine in the checkout lane screaming the latest way to lose weight fast and the pop ups/ads on computers. Wish there was a way to stop the madness.


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