In case you missed it: participate in a study on how child's eating disorder affects parents and family

Another opportunity for parents to share their experiences with researchers:
Researchers Dr. Merle Keitel and Lauren Stack, M.S. from Fordham University are presently conducting a quantitative study of how a child's eating disorder affects the parents and family, focusing on coping reactions and significant relationships.  Participation is open to parents of a child, ages 9-22, who resides at home, and who is presently in outpatient treatment for Anorexia.  Participation is online, takes no more than 15-30 minutes, and is confidential and anonymous (no personally identifying information will be collected).  Please enter the following the link into your internet browser: and enter the password participate (in all lowercase letters). Please contact the researchers directly with any questions, comments, or concerns about this study at Lauren at or Dr. Merle Keitel at NOTE: This study has received IRB approval from Fordham University and Researchers will adhere to APA's Code of Ethics.


  1. HE HE HE HE i guess it helps if i read through all of your blogs before asking questions since you sometimes have already answered them!


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