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I'm so glad that the news of UCSD's Eating Disorder program is  getting out there in the world, and in the literature: An Innovative Short-term, Intensive, Family-based Treatment. This case series points to what dozens of families have told me personally: that they found the 5-Day Intensive program turned around the way their family responded to the illness. That information, that confirmation of their competence as a family, really good clinical assessment, a careful and individualized treatment plan, contracting, and the inclusion of siblings, the realignment of parents - turned around families who had formerly been floundering or repeatedly disappointed.

This illness is hell no matter what. There are no shortcuts, no easy solutions, and no miracle prescription. I continue to believe that if families can find comprehensive, family-inclusive, multi-disciplinary, evidence-based treatment a very difficult time can be saved from being a tragic one. I applaud UCSD for being innovative in caring for families who are caring for their ill loved ones - and basing that innovation on evidence not just in one approach but the necessary range of information and approaches.


  1. I am also thrilled that the Kartini Clinic is considering doing this too. More facilities providing this care/training would be ideal. For example, we are 3 hours from Chicago and could make that work. When I looked into UCSD, it took two full weeks - though they were very helpful- to determine my insurance coverage. To be honest too, I was concerned about the time difference shifting my d's food so many hours (flexibility was not her strength at that time). I found out about the coverage on the Friday before the only week offered in December. There was not a January session. So by the time February came, we were nearly three months into it and within 8 pounds of weight restoration. I applaud UCSD and have read many, many positive comments. Hope to see many more follow suit even if it were only a two or three day training.


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