Picasso's anorexia

Got Got to love a great visual for a story.

Women with eating disorders draw a different picture of themselves than women without

Impossible not to speculate at the decision process to choose these particular drawings. I am picturing the researchers saying "Well, yes, this does look like an emoticon, but it shows the neck and foot thing." "The Barbie one needs to pull down her skirt a bit - would it be wrong to Photoshop it --but it does demonstrate the breast and hip thing." "The normal weight one is smiling - are we sending a message there?"

But what I really speculate about is whether once people know about this test they will - as the article states - add cartooning skills to the ways to avoid diagnosis?


  1. Figure one: either one of my daughters aged 5. Figure 2: either one of my daughters aged 12. Figure 3: either one of my daughter's aged 10.

    I don't think there is any great significance in this. Another red herring?

  2. My daughter is an incredible artist. She's always drawn very realistic portraits, including ones of herself. So, I don't get it--she certainly doesn't fit this study at all. But, she still didn't like what she saw even tho she looked fine to me and everyone else.


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