Sunsets and butterflies

A quick review of my posts chagrins me: so dyspeptic. As long as I have your attention at this moment can I say that I really am an optimistic and positive person who feels fortunate and appreciative and humbled daily?

I know, C, I've gone daft moo. But today I have no message but this: thank you to my life. My family, my friends, to fun and good and goodwill.

Beads and feathers, even.

As Jenni sings: It's okay to be happy.


  1. Oh, unicorns and rainbows back atya!

  2. Anonymous - you got there before me, gotta remember those unicorns.

  3. As the lovely suns rises and bursts through my window this morning, I share your happiness and gratitude towards all things warm and fuzzy

  4. It IS okay to be happy and to be unhappy about some things that happen and need to be changed.

  5. I go and spend the day with marcella and you go all soggy on me! Daft moo.


  6. daft moo!?! (too funny!)
    I think you still have a good healthy grip on your sense of humour :)


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