Things I'll regret I didn't photograph at the SAHM conference so far

Meeting Malia.

Walking the length of the French Quarter in search of the perfect place to eat.

Ordering a Sazerac.

My first bite of food in New Orleans, witnessed by Bob, Malia, and MB, at Mr. B's. It was that good, too.

Really good bread. With butter. Thank you, Bob.

The bar at the Monteleone, better with Malia than with Faulkner and Capote.

Jackson Square. As advertised.

Breakfast of beignet at cafe de monde, then a stroll in the French Market in the fog.

The can of alligator meat I bought for my son.

The blisters on my left foot from walking too much in the wrong shoes.

MB on a mission (do NOT, you've been warned, get in MB's way). That girl got the buffet moved so it would be in front of the AED booth and she's brought scores of doctors into the modern age in terms of eating disorders and it was JUST THE FIRST DAY.

Dozens of doctors who GET eating disorders and GET adolescents and GET evidence-based approaches and ask excellent questions.

3.5 HOURS of discussion of the physiology of the first few weeks of refeeding malnourished anorexics. Inexplicably fascinating.

The fact that adolescent medicine specialists, in high proportion, favor wearing the color blue. Except when they wear brown.

Being asked to (squeak!) address the Eating Disorders SIG! Thank you, Ellen Rome.

Giving out medical guides with MB.

Great hallway chats with some of the leading lights of ED treatment.

Presentations about adolescent eating disorders that ASSUME parents will be involved with treatment and that FBT will be offered, and have moved on to questions of how.

Being included in (thank you, Rod) a dinner at Muriels with a mad cast of doctor characters from all corners and versions of the English language, including a crazed epicure, a re-feeding manaic (that isn't me!), a budding software entrepreneur, all presided over by a saucy waiter team.

Finding another Treme fan.

A lobby filled with tired doctors at midnight.

A night when I don't have to set an alarm.

Meeting Malia.


  1. Jealous of the whole lot but most jealous of the Malia thing. You sound as if you having a wonderful time and doing really good work. Love to Rod and get him to teach you some 'strine! xx


    I LURVE the bar at the Monteleone! Have had several fascinating conversations there. None with Malia, alas ************ iz even moar deaderer than before **********

    MB is most awesome!

  3. Awesome awesome awesome Laura once again the road you follow to change is that of a bull in lambs clothing. Educating adolescent medicine doctors who are the front line to early diagnosis and treatment. You rock. And you get to do it in new Orleans. I'm jealous too! Irish, I love you too! Lol!


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