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Like-minded people around the world have stepped up to protest the choice of the CEO of Jenny Craig as a speaker at the Alliance for Girls Schools Conference in Melbourne in May.

I suppose most people would be shocked by us being against promoting dieting in girls: but the eating disorder community knows just how off-base and harmful it is to call it "health" promotion.

These weight-cycling business interests need to stay OUT of our schools just as we want the cigarette industry out of our schools!

Unfortunately, the Alliance has responded to the deluge of protest from individuals and organizations with identical form letters that fail completely to address the issues:

Thank you for your email.  The Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia Biennial conference is for educators and leaders in girls’ schools. The speakers have been selected to promote discussion about the issues facing girls. Please visit the Alliance website for information about the conference and the Alliance. Kind regards Jan ButlerExecutive 

Clearly, AGSA has not read or understood the messages. Or their email program is broken and is only capable of form letters. I remain optimistic that they WILL hear, and need to hear from more of us. Even more to the point, I am certain that the Jenny Craig corporation will hear that they are now a controversial, risky idea as a speaker to schools and that those considering these marketing efforts will think twice.

Dieting is not appropriate for children and the messages around dieting are unhealthy for young people. It is time to make it unacceptable to promote this industry to our children!

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Added: Sign the petition:

Stop Jenny Craig's CEO from presenting at Girls' Schools conference!


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