The best eating disorder awareness video I've seen

Watch this. We need to HEAR this wonderful young woman's message every single week of the year. This is what we - all of us who care about eating disorders - need to focus on:


  1. Laura,
    I agree this video is the best one I've ever seen on the issue of
    awareness. There are many messages here, all accurate in my opinion.
    Glad you are publicizing this.

  2. Wow!!! It's very honest and quite amazing!

  3. Laura,
    If this is put out by the Eating Disorder Awareness ( not sure what it was called), then why do eating disorder programs blame the parents and children and say it's about control? This makes no sense to me. This is an amazing video, why isn't it on TV????

  4. I wish it were easy to get stuff on TV, but it isn't. Everyone out there is competing for that coverage.

    Why do ED programs continue to blame parents and patients and promote ideas that don't stand up? Because they are repeating what they've heard, because it feels good, because they've been trained that way, because it "seems" right, and because they haven't heard a counter-argument. Why do we let them? Because we don't know better and they don't care what we think!


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