Either the camera would dance...

Having been to it twice now, the Monteleone bar qualifies as my bar now. Watch carefully: the bar is rotating...

Aside from a bit of soft-shoe at my 26th floor window overlooking the river, I'm not tap dancing here but Fred Astaire said: "either the camera would dance--or he would," and between the walking and the running around here - a moving bar is appropriate and MB caught me there.

Dinner last night: Calcasieu for the International Dinner. The first time I've had to tweet for a meal ticket!

Tonight's dinner sounds great, too - with some UCSD folks.


  1. Dear fellow fighters,
    I just started my recovery and decided it might be a good thing to blog about it, as a personal diary, to motivate others, to give outsiders a clearer view on what's really happening inside the head of someone with an eating disorder, and to find support. Comments are more than welcome!


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