Does your husband or wife have an eating disorder?

F.E.A.S.T. is mostly about parents of eating disorder patients, but we often hear from those who are supporting a husband or wife with an eating disorder. There's so little support for them and their needs are different than a parent's.

Romantic partners can't exert the same protections and limitations. Family life and parenting can be severely affected. Sexual relationships are almost certainly altered when one partner is struggling with his or her body.

In response to a wife who reached out recently, F.E.A.S.T. started a closed Facebook group to explore the topic. If you would like to join the group - it is not visible to the public - please let me know? If you know others who might need this, let them know!


  1. Thank you for doing this Laura and FEAST. Adults with a loved one who struggles with an eating disorder are a silent group, one which must often stand by helplessly as their relationship deteriorates. In our pediatric world we often see families with an affected child and one affected parent. The non-affected parent suffers twice, once for their child and once for their spouse/ relationship. I am thrilled to have a closed forum to refer them to.


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