The exception

I share this not because it is an example of the kind of doctors I've met here at SAHM, but because it is so much the exception.

He walked up to the AED booth and refused a medical guide pamphlet saying, with some relish, that he didn't treat eating disorder patients. I noticed the hospital on his name tag and said what great work I heard was being done there. He said, with some pride, "Not by me. I won't treat people with eating disorders. I don't want to work with people who lie to me."

I touched him on the elbow and said it was just as well that way.

The conversation did not linger.


  1. So sad that a professional lacks knowledge of even the most basic facts about eating disorders, as evidenced by his comment, and refuses to even take the time to read a pamphlet that could help him save a life.

  2. I grieve for the sufferers and carers who come to "professionals" for help and support and receive only judgement - and the most dangerous of misinformation.
    They may be a minority, but they are a dangerous minority.
    I suppose we must be thankful that this particular "professional" is unlikely to become involved in anyone's treatment and his toxic attitude, thus far, has merely been self-limiting.
    Still, makes me want to beat my head on my keyboard.

  3. UGH.
    Sorry but this doctor is a pretty ignorant jerk.
    It is the RESPONSIBILITY of every single medical professional to familiarise themselves with eating disorders as they would any other illness.
    First presentations of eating disorders are often NOT at an ED program. They can be in maxofacillal when a patient has such mouth problems from purging she needs surgery. They can be in cardiac care. They can be in gastroenterology. Both from complications. They can be in orthopedics for a broken bone sustained due to bone weakness arising from malnutrition.
    This doctor is simply unprepared for his JOB.

  4. I love that riposte! If only one could be *certain* that he never actually *will* encounter someone with an ED.

    It's hard to fathom why such as he would even bother to come up to the AED booth, if not for whatever perverse pleasure one gets from "Here, this is my Ignorance! Let me shows it to you! From several sides!"

  5. I had a therapist tell me she didn't "believe" in FBT or in involving families nor did she want to take the time in her long career to learn about FBT. I said thank you for your honesty and hung up the phone - end of conversation. Some people aren't going to be persuaded and I don't have the time to try to get them on board when there are others willing to be open.

  6. Love your riposte Laura, and love your interpretation of his behaviour Irish - wish I could stop giggling at the two of you!

  7. I was thinking about this last night. I probably would have asked him if he watched House - "Everybody lies".

  8. Might his name tag been a lie?
    In this century why are we still dealing with a prejudice mind set from our medical professionals?
    Now if only people could pick and choose their illness.


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