Horse sense?

Equine-assisted psychotherapy for mental illness: Is there evidence behind the hype?


  1. It certainly is an interesting article! My response is here:

  2. Laura -

    Thanks for linking to my article! Your blog is a truly valuable resource (as is your book!). Always great to interact with another person working hard to get the word out about empirically supported treatments.

    Have a wonderful night!

  3. Hi Laura,

    What happened to the "When is enough, enough?" post? It still comes up on yout RSS feed, but the post and thread on ATDT are gone. Hope everything is ok.

  4. I'm afraid we discovered that the thread being discussed was by a patient, not a parent. This happens too often to count, but always makes me deeply sad. The lengths this illness will go to confuse and hurt a person are unfathomable.

    I hate ED.

  5. Sayhealth - great blog post. You summed up the debate well. I think it is good that we all talk openly about this stuff, our reservations, our disagreements.

    Mike, thank you - I didn't editorialize in my post, but want to tell you that I really enjoyed your analysis. Like I said: we need to start talking openly and getting this stuff on the table!

  6. I just love all of the great titles that have come out of this! The potential for puns are just endless...


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