A more informed way

This cheers me up. I am imagining a time in not too distant future where mental health care is more focused, less haphazard, and more effective:

Imaging, Genetics, and the science of psychotherapy

“There is a science to psychotherapy. To think that biological psychiatry would do away with psychosocial treatment is na├»ve. We'll do it in a more informed way.”


  1. hi, just happened upon your blog during an evening of surfing and wondered if you know of any research re anorexia and autistic spectrum disorder - I believe there is some suggestion that there could be a genetic lin. I have a life of EDs and my son has aspergers - both of these things seem to run in my family through several generations - can you help?

  2. Yes, there is a growing awareness and interest in this connection. Quite a few researchers are looking into this.

    Check this out:


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