I can't hear you....

My computer crashed today. Data gone, settings missing. I am the victim of some frightening "malware."

Almost all the data can be retrieved from offsite backup, thank goodness, though tediously and at no small expense.

Irretrievable: all my settings and bookmarks, and two incredibly important documents, and the time it will take to reconstruct my "office."

Funny how my laptop is now my workspace, my communications, my entertainment, my organizer, my calendar, my calculator, my news source, my contact with friends, my eyes my ears my dashboard of life.

I am email-less, Skype-less, calendar-less, lacking an address book and until I get my computer resurrected or replaced I am an itinerant computer user and all the "to-do" lists of the days to come are now the "can't do" list of the week. If you've emailed, I can't see you. If you've Skyped, I didn't hear it.

This may be a holiday week for me in more ways than one! Feeling grateful: that I backed things up, that I have another computer to borrow, for my printed cheat cheat of passwords, that my friends and family will understand and even cheer, that computers don't have feelings, and that it is just a computer.


  1. Oh my! Good luck getting everything sorted out. I know how I'd feel if I lost important documents or felt unconnected from the world of the web. Take care and enjoy the break! :)

  2. That's too bad, Laura! May your "can't do" list wait patiently until you "can do" again.


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