Prescription to kill ED

From "Never Lose Hope" at the Around the Dinner Table online forum:
"Recipe to kill ED (it's a difficult but I think a pretty fool proof
  • Get weight up to healthy target range.
  • Keep weight in that range.
  • Do not lose weight again.
  • Do not allow purging or bingeing.
  • Keep sufferer safe.
  • Get treatment for other psychiatric conditions.
  • Teach new coping skills. Don't just tell her to use other coping skills! She
    may not have any-if not, she needs to learn them. (My d only had gum chewing
    when we started-now we have lots!)
  • Be supportive and encouraging!
  • Let your d know you are optimistic she is GOING TO have a normal life, and
    it won't be in 20 years from now!"


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