US readers: call Congress TODAY

An important message from the US Eating Disorders Coalition:

Call-in day for passing mental health parity is TODAY.

Call your Members of Congress!

Action: On Wednesday, September 10th, you should call your U.S. Representative and Senators by using the toll-free Parity Hotline: 1-866-parity4 (1-866-727-4894). The Parity Hotline reaches the U.S. Capitol switchboard which can connect callers to the offices of their members. If you don’t know who your Senator is, you can simply tell them your state and they will connect you. For your Representatives, go to and then enter your zip code – this will identify who your Representative is.
Targets: All members of the Senate and House.

Message: "I'm calling to ask that the Senator/Representative urge the congressional leadership to pass mental health and addiction parity legislation this month before Congress adjourns."

Background: The House and Senate committees of jurisdiction reached an agreement on the language of a good parity bill that will be brought to the floor of the House and Senate (H.R. 1424 and S. 558). First, however, they must agree on the source of $3.8 billion in offsets ("pay-fors" over 10 years) required under the Budget Act.


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