Packing my gratitude along with the brochures

I'm flying to Austin this morning for the NEDA conference. I leave with gratitude to so many people:
  • To the family who donated too much, made me cry, and prompted the creation of FEAST
  • To Malia, Lydia, and Bridget for moderating the forum
  • To the two anonymous donors of $1300US to pay for the exhibitor’s table at 2008 NEDA conference
  • To our Advisory Panel member, Dr. Bulik, for getting public access to important research findings for six months
  • To Lydia for the FAQs, the photos, the networking, and spreading links to FEAST throughout the ED world
  • To the Parent Council for getting up too early, or staying up too late, or giving up an hour of work, or missing their child’s return from school in order to make the meeting international
  • To our Advisory Panel for keeping us informed, connected, and on track
  • To the Parent Council members and other parents who volunteered to help with Stanford’s online research
  • To the parents who are writing FAQs for the Around the Dinner Table Forum
  • To the families who have donated $1800 US for FEAST and the ATDT forum since September 2007
  • To the community of wise parents on the ATDT forum
  • To Libbie for transcriptions
  • To the ATDT “Mentors” who give their time and wisdom to newer families
  • To all who have done audio interviews for the Recovery Page
  • To the FEAST Speaker’s Bureau for responding to my call for New York Times interviewees
  • To those who volunteered to help with the FEAST recipe book
  • To the Media Outreach Committee for making the Internet a safer place to be a parent
  • To Therese for introducing us to our UK advisor
  • To the Parent Council for meeting every 3 weeks
  • To Chris for creating an amazing binder of resources for the NEDA conference and arranging for networking
  • To the parents attending the NEDA conference and helping out at the table
  • To Piedmont Press for the FEAST brochure
  • To Siobhan for months of hard work – during hard times - on the Provider database
  • To Carrie for being our Science Blogger
  • To Sandy for organizing and designing the Feast Family Recipe book
  • To Carolin for thinking of FEAST business even after the recent loss of her mother
  • To my mother-in-law for her math-challenged but compassion-filled over-estimates of costs
  • To my husband and son for their support and patience
  • To Olympia, always, for her SELF and for her rich life and her generosity


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