Two "must-see" videos

Hands down, the two best video clips on the current science in eating disorders, interviews with two of my favorite scientists done by Jane Cawley at Maudsley Parents:

Fighting Stigma with Science

Brain Imaging and Eating Disorders


  1. You beat me to the punch. :)

    Those are awesome videos- I watched them on my lunch break. Ironically.

  2. thanks for this! it should be edited down to under5 minutes and it would go viral!

  3. Hey Laura (Lyster-Mensh!)
    It's great to see these here. I wish that everyone with an eating disorder, or with a loved one with an eating disorder, could see these and take the messages to heart.

    They probably make good lunchtime viewing, no? I don't see a problem with posting them on your blog too but I'm biased. I'd like to see them running in a non-stop loop on Times Square. Still trying to work that out : )

    I would love to see the videos spread but I don't think I could bring myself to edit out anything--these are a couple of my favorite scientists too!

  4. there are lots of screens in Times square, and times are hard - there must be one that has room for these!

  5. Times Square, I don't know, but on my sites and FEAST, THIS I can do!

  6. Laura,

    I would love to listen to these videos, but the audio is all choppy. Is it my computer? Is there another site where I can try them?

  7. I wonder if it is your Internet connection speed? I get them clearly - one or two little jumps - but no real problem. The quality is great when you get it - keep trying!

  8. I have fiber optics and it should be pretty fast. But the videos are very jumpy.

  9. I discovered why the video/audio is jumpy. I was clicking directly on the 'play' button of the two videos on your site, rather than the link underneath. That made all the difference.


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