Debunking the myths in order to pile on a few more

In 2005, I was interviewed for a piece in Newsweek called "No one to Blame" about anorexia. It was a well-researched piece that is still one of the best explanations for the public on biology, about genetics, and the importance of dispelling myths about this killer disorder.

But in 2008, it seems, we go about Debunking the Myths of Anorexia in Newsweek by simply applying the old myths to new populations.

No wonder parents, and the public, are confused and skeptical of everything they hear about this illness. Why don't myths stay debunked?


  1. The first Newsweek piece came out not long after I was diagnosed with anorexia. I know my father, who couldn't understand why his daughter didn't just wolf down some cheesecake, read it and learned a lot. Thank you.

  2. Laura,
    That piece in Newsweek is an excerpt from an anthology--an anthology I was invited to contribute to and did not, because of the bias of the editor and her perspective. I'm not surprised to read this, only saddened.

  3. You made a wise choice, Harriet! Bravo!

  4. "Though minorities may have fewer known body issues"

    This is the most ignorant statement I have ever read!


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