Dueling bloggers

I write this from the atrium of the hotel at NEDA in Austin.

Carrie is blogging from a nearby computer and I'm trying to beat her to the post....

Guest posts:

F.E.A.S.T. made a very strong, powerful appearance at N.E.D.A. and the message that family involvement in treatment is essential was heard loud and clear. Parents and families DO NOT cause eating disorder but are an ESSENTIAL component for RECOVERY!!!!! Stephanie!

Hi you all. I just met the Feast group and was so welcomed and appreciated all the sharing. Talking to other parents is so helpful in understanding this disease and what our children are going through. Shelly

It has been a great honor,privilege and humbling experience not only to meet Laura in person, help at the FEAST table and meet many wonderful parents. I wish that every parent could have this experience........Denise

Wow... what an experience! How could I have known on Monday, that by Saturday I would gain a wealth of new friendships, drastically increase my working knowledge of eating disorders and strengthen my resolve to continue helping families. (Thank you to whoever had the idea of placing the F.E.A.S.T. booth across the isle from our UCSD booth!) Christi

Pictures and thoughts when I've had more than 4 hours of sleep... Laura

p.s. Carrie beat me! Have I mentioned how happy I am to know Carrie?


  1. YOU'RE happy to know ME? Obviously, the feeling is mutual.

    And meeting all of you lovely parents, clinicians and researchers was stellar!


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