Anosognosia Workshop

 Reasons to watch Anosognosia Workshop July 3, 2010 (NAMI Conference) from Treatment Advocacy Center on Vimeo:

  • To dispel the notion that I made up and that I'm the only one who uses the term anosognosia.
  • You'll end it knowing how to pronounce anosognosia. Well, at least two ways of doing so.
  • You'll realize, if you haven't been convinced yet by my constant barking, that eating disorders involve anosognosia to at least if not more than the level it is seen in bipolar and schizophrenia.
  • That there are practical tools for us, as caregivers and society, to cope with a patient's anosognosia.
  • That Assisted Outpatient Commitment may be the perfect tool for eating disorder treatment compliance.
  • That the eating disorder world needs to join, and be welcomed in, by the general mental illness world.
  • Change takes time, but good ideas can float to the top.
  • That mental illness doesn't have to be a grim, dull, plodding issue.
Thank you, again and always, to Catherine for this link and discussion!




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