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I thought my skim milk post might stimulate some appetites! Mary sent me this - Why Bacon Is A Gateway To Meat For Vegetarians I think you'll enjoy it. (My week of teenage vegetarianism had its Waterloo in the face of a Thanksgiving turkey)

I know I've been awfully sour lately. I can tell because the sour comment quotient has gone up as well. So, something lovely to think about...

What are your most satisfying foods?


  1. I loved reading this story as my daughter is a vegetarian. Her father is a vegetarian too but she ate meat until ed showed up. Bacon was by far her favorite meat when she was younger. I'm thinking I am going to fry some up often now so she can be tantalized by that smell and one day when she is feeling very adventurous, a bite will be taken and the veggie burgers will be history!!!!!

    My favorite satisfying foods are strawberries in any form, chocolate ice cream with toasted pecans, a medium rare steak salad with arugula lettuce and crispy onions, a good blackened salmon caesar salad and coconut cake. Oh yes and fresh bread hot out of the oven with butter, lots of butter. True satisfaction! I love eating food and talking about food and shopping for food. Having a d with ed has put a cramp on my style and Laura thank you for indulging me!!

  2. Haagan Daz chocolate ice cream. Started eating it during my first pregnancy and haven't stopped since. The mouth feel is amazing...

  3. Plain boiled or poached eggs are lovely - on toast or with toast fingers to dip in them. If you want to be more fancy there's eggs Benedict or the lovely Mexican eggs with chillies and tacos that my cousin John makes but the poached eggs on toast that I am having now are good enough

  4. Haha, I found that article amusing ;) I think it says more about why people become vegetarian than vegetarianism itself though. I have been veggie for purely ethical reasons since I was nine years old, four years before my eating disorder began. Throughout my ED I never craved meat, never included it in binges during my EDNOS stages and I never had an opinion on it healthwise. Actually it would have been more eating disordered of me to eat it, because I knew the protein would have kept me fuller on fewer calories, despite my ethics. So for me, vegetarianism is a healthy thing, and I've never been tempted by bacon in the whole seventeen years since I made that decision.

    I think the veggies who cave are those who do it for reasons other than ethics. If you're not properly nourished your body will crave things like bacon, which is fairly high in fat and seems to have a smell which tempts people. I eat whatever I want and I am certainly not lacking in fat (in my diet!) so I never crave things like that. Intuitive eating is great!

    I think my most satisfying foods are...chocolate muffins and porridge with sugar and lots of nut butter. I'm clearly a carb-ivore :P

  5. I'm afraid I cannot bring myself to consume animal flesh... It would somehow feel as if I were being a cannibal (which means I must have a bizarre sense of self..).

    When I was a kid I never thought of meat as coming from animals. It was just meat; that stuff on your plate, that I didn't like much anyway. But when, at age 7, I learnt that animals are bred and killed to be eaten I was totally freaked out. I learnt it via a TV programme and I ran out of the room screaming. I was terribly, terribly upset. I do consume eggs and dairy though, but only free range eggs from 'happy hens'.

    I am not a big foody; eating is one of those essential parts of living, but the foods I like best are bananas, freshly baked bread (with peanut butter and jam) and cheesecake. Actually, I can get enthusiastic about cheesecake. I like the really dense and claggy cheesecake with a biscuit bottom.

  6. Sometimes I'm surprised that I'm not vegetarian. I view all animals on an equal level. Human, cat, or cow, all are the same. I don't believe humans should hold more importance because they can speak, others do as well even though we can't understand it. Is it different than being talked to in a foreign language?

    Then there's the fact that animals eat other animals, but they don't breed them for it, they hunt. Some people do too.

    Then I get lazy and don't really care because I like steak and I enjoy cooking my special corned beef dinner once a year. :)

  7. ham and pinapple pizza (followed by chocolate cake) :-)

  8. My daughter's sponge cake, straight from the oven, when it's too hot to hold and requires dexterity with the finger tips and lots of blowing.

    Fillet of beef, chicken wrapped in parma ham, fresh cabbage fried in pepper with lots of black pepper, custard, chocolate bread and butter pudding, real butter on hot bread, baked potatoes, new potatoes, spaghetti vongele, greengages straight off the tree, blackberries off the bush, raspberries and double cream, cheese straws with paprika, avocados, Sunday lunch, butterscotch, lattes, scallops (pan fried in a little butter and olive oil), squid, mussels....

    Better stop, I think

  9. @Kou - I also view animals as being on an equal level to humans. I think that's why, to me, it is so abhorrent to kill and eat them, and why I feel that eating animals is cannibalisation.

  10. Have been obsessing about this all day. Things I missed off:

    Bread sauce, mulberries, stewed rhubarb, gooseberry fool, homemade mayonnaise, poached eggs, icy cold glass of sav blanc, roasted salted almonds, roasted chestnuts, marmalade, freshly made mint sauce, broad beans in parsley sauce, hot melted cheese, fish and chips, proper sinapore noodles, wontons, sag aloo....

    Time for supper, methinks


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