Skim milk tastes gross

I dutifully switched to skim milk in the 80s, but switched to real milk some years back even though I know people look askance. I've read the data and I have lost my own fear of fat - dairy and otherwise.

These days it is a radical act to actually eat food that is satisfying, and to BE satisfied.

And guess what? I feel better physically, emotionally, athletically, and medically. I feel confident that eventually people will increasingly join me.

Got milk? What kind?


  1. I like eating real food too Laura! But in a world of so many artificial diet foods, I am not sure why the skim milk always takes a hit! I like the real cream for my coffee-it turns it into a bona fide treat- and the skim milk to drink cold! Using all parts of the cow so to speak.

    I know there are some people who like whole milk, but I think many people might be too busy eating 100 calorie pack snacks and processed lite cheese baked nachos to join you ATDT in drinking whole milk.


  2. Years ago, I remember a European friend remarking that the Americans drank "brown water" for coffee.
    I think of skim milk as "white water". Why bother?

  3. When I got out of treatment and went grocery shopping for the first time, I bought "real milk" for the first time in years. I loved it. Not the watery, blue-tinted stuff I was used to.
    I loved that nothing in my cart said "lite" or "nonfat." It was liberating.

  4. I absolutely agree Laura. I always drink full fat milk and will only go to coffee shops that use it in their cappuccino. I am not prepared to spend £2 - £2.50 on a large cappuccino made from skimmed milk; I feel as though I'm wasting my precious money unless it tastes sufficiently creamy!

  5. 1 million percent agree with you! I feel sorry for those who haven't been diagnosed with an ED or haven't cared for someone who has who are just living in our culture where non-fat everything is the norm. Those people haven't gotten to experience how satisfying (to your body, your mind, your taste buds, etc.) eating real food can be!

  6. I like the full "gold top" full cream milk that is really difficult to find but you can get it for a premium in supermarkets. My husband was brought up on a dairy farm with Jersey cows and misses sticking the metal jug into the parlour tank!

    I also hate hate hate "spreadable" butter and margarine should have been abolished years ago! We have a butter dish that lives by the kettle. In the summer, it is a case of taking off the lid and catching the butter before it runs everywhere and in the winter, leaving it on the aga for a good ten minutes but the taste is SO worth it.

    I do confess to LOVING white bread!

  7. ok, too funny! I thought you wrote that Skim Milk tastes good!! I was about to debate you ;)

    I made the awful mistake of buying skim chocolate milk the other day --if there is ONE THING that tastes worse than skim milk, it's skim chocolate milk :)

    on a somewhat related(?) side note... I also made the mistake of buying vanilla soy milk, thinking it was soy milk...and I used it in a recipe for an Alfredo Sauce. That might have been the one instance where skim milk would have been the better choice ;) The Alfredo was disgusting...not even the stray cats and raccoons would eat it. (...Better than raw chicken, tho', right Laura? :)

  8. I actually love skim milk - I eat the "normal" (i.e., NOT lite/reduced-fat/etc.) version of plenty of foods - and I wouldn't dream of buying margarine - but I just cannot get behind whole milk. 2% in my tea is sometimes acceptable (and by "sometimes" I mean "on aeroplanes, where the tea is bound to be terrible anyway). But straight up, never. Somehow - and I don't know how to explain this - milk seems warmer if it has a higher fat content, and I like my milk icy and crisp.

  9. I have always drank whole milk, as has my grandmother who is 93. When she fell and broke her knee cap at 85, the doctors were amazed that it was only in 3 pieces. They expected it to be shattered but told us it was because she drank whole milk not the "fake" stuff.

    I hate when I order hot chocolate and they use 2% or skim milk - it just doesn't taste the same.

    Whole milk is best.


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