A map of caring

It's a frequent request: "where are the parent support groups?"

Except for rare exceptions, the answer is: "there aren't any here."

Odd. Pretty common illness, usually shows up during childhood or adolescence, terrific care-giving burden, but, no support groups? There are support groups for everything! Yet no worldwide network of caring fellow parents willing to lend a shoulder and a book?

It's time. F.E.A.S.T. has reached about 700 families and individuals around the world, and the Around the Dinner Time forum has 1200 registered members and it seems about time to connect the dots. On a map. So we're doing it:

FEAST Coffee Breaks

It's VERY exciting to see that map fill up!


  1. There actually a fair few carer support groups in the UK, run by b-eat :) They can be found using the helpfinder on the b-eat website. Not much use for you guys in the USA though! It's really patchy too because they are run by parents rather than b-eat volunteers, and there aren't willing parents in every city here.

  2. There's a support group here in Tucson, Arizona. It's not specifically focused on Maudsley but the concept has been introduced a few times 8-) "Feast Coffee Breaks" is very catch-y, by the way!

  3. Jen,

    Please feel free to put your support group on the list!

    Katie, I hope those carers will find and use the map, too. It is my hope that any parent anywhere can find others everywhere!

  4. I have just been asked to go and speak at the Carers group in Cambridge. I will put the details on the UK page on the forum!


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