"skype the next snack"

For parents seeking an example of a wonderful family intervention for a young adult:

Aimee Liu: A Family's Struggle Through Anorexia


  1. For all the tantrums I pitched, doors I slammed, sulking and refusing and arguing I did at the time, convinced I just wanted to be left alone, I *really* wish I had had an aggressive intervention in the early stages of my ED. It's a lot of 'what if'-ing, of course, but I imagine it would have resulted in the latter half of my life going much, much differently. Thanks for sharing this, hopefully someone out there with concerns about their loved one will read it and find encouragement and motivation to take action.

    As a side note, I was lucky enough to attend a talk by Aimee Liu when I was in college, she was fantastic.

  2. My daughter was too young to be skyping back during her illness, but given her physically aggressive, angry stance (where she'd actually bolt out the door at times) it's hard for me to see how this could have worked for us.

    Anyway, I think its a great tool in the toolbox, especially with an older adult child and one that wants the support to get well.


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