Happy feet, sniffly nose

I rose from my sickbed last night to trudge to town and join my tap class in front of Santa's workshop - there were carolers and bagpipes and ballerinas and some teen rockers as well. It was cold, I had a cold, but for once I have to say I really DID relax and have a good time. Instead of oblivious adrenaline, I was aware of smiling without the fixed grin of terror. My fellow tappers are so good at this - the dancing and the performing - and I've always just hoped I'd not embarrass myself or them. Last night, perhaps in the resignation of sniffly low expectations, I just danced. I think Mumble would have been proud.


  1. Sorry about your sniffles Laura; I hope you feel better soon...

    I really enjoyed 'Happy Feet'. I thought the storyline was really bizarre, but I loved the animation. Emperor penguins are awesome. I thinks it's great that the males huddle over the eggs all Winter while the females go off fishing. Sounds good to me :)


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