For the price of a gently used car

I'm very proud of F.E.A.S.T. A group of us dreamed of an organization FOR parents that would be supported BY parents - and that means paying for it as well.

Most nonprofits rely on donations not just from members but from organizations and businesses related to their work or community. F.E.A.S.T. has taken the stand that in order to remain independent we need to turn down advertising or sponsorship and even donations from clinics that treat eating disorders. This is not to reject their support, but to make sure our compass is set by those we serve..

This stand means we operate on very little money. I am full-time unpaid staff and all of our volunteers do so without compensation. We have no office, computers, or other usual infrastructure.

Despite these restrictions, and on a yearly budget of the cost of an average used car, F.E.A.S.T. manages to assist hundreds of families all over the world, influence policy, speak out in the media, and save lives.

We listen, we reach out, and we have a growing voice on behalf of families.

Once a year we call on our members to show their support tangibly, with a donation of whatever amount they can afford. These financial contributions keep our little vehicle going for the coming year. Send enough for a tank of gas, or a transmission. Keep the headlights on for an evening or the whole year. We exist to support families, and do so with family support!



  1. You are incredible. Thank you for ALL YOU DO. I appreciate've got my donation! ~K

  2. The F.E.A.S.T. site is an incredible resource! Yes, many thanks for all you do! I greatly appreciate your ethics as well.

    When my daughter lost more weight with her dietitian, she promptly recommended Remuda Ranch. I later discovered she had been flown there courtesy of Remuda for a tour with the trimmings. Is Remuda the best place for my daughter - completely isolated from her family except for family week when children confront their parents with their many hurts? There is no research that residential programs are more effective, but there is significant research behind the Maudsley method. Sadly, this dietitian will continue to recommend Remuda . . . for the right reasons? Doubt it.

    Will definitely give a donation.

    My mom is reading your book at my suggestion and her eyes have been opened about the misery her granddaughter is enduring. Your efforts to help those with eating disorders are yielding great fruit, just wish it were more widely known. 'Course, you're working on that - thanks!


  3. You SHOULD be proud of F.E.A.S.T.! It is an absolutely incredible place, with timely, helpful, life-saving information; an extraordinary Forum for parents/caregivers of those with EDs; and a message of hope that EDs are treatable and full recovery is possible, based on recent research findings. I'll be sending my donation soon.


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