Winter coats during school hours

In exchange for showing you this very amazing video below (they're not smiling but I defy you not to!), a poll:

Where do your older kids put their winter coats during school hours?
1) Wear them all day and bring them from class to class
2) Put them in locker/classroom/storage room
3) Don't wear them at all because there is no room in locker/classroom/storage room
Now, enjoy your treat:


  1. Now that is interesting foreplay!

  2. My d. (grade 8) rarely wears a heavy coat mainly because they are so hard to deal with at school. We are in a fairly temperate area, but sometimes heavy coats are called for, especially this winter so far. But a heavy coat won't fit in her locker, it tends to get stolen if she forgets and leaves it--even briefly--in a classroom, and one can't just wear the coat in class as that implies one is hiding something. (You know, like a gun.)



  3. In HS, always in my locker, but now that I'm in college and have my own office, I still wear my heavy coat to class. I think I am getting more sensitive to the cold in my age.

  4. Tap dancing hands!! We couldn't expect any less from you, Laura!!

  5. They have to leave them in their lockers and are only allowed to wear them during break and lunch.


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