Fatherly Day

Well, the secret is out. A yearlong plan to throw my husband a surprise 50th birthday party came off very well, aided by the fact that his birthday is actually not for another six months!


A lucky side-benefit of this craziness is that my two fathers snuck into town for the festivities and so I get to say Happy Father's Day in person for the first time in decades.

Happy Father's Day to my own dads and to my dear, wonderful husband and to all the dads out there. What a special role you play, and how I appreciate you.


  1. Happy Father's Day to the Father Behind It All!

    Thanks for all you do to help support both your family and this organization. FEAST would not exist without you!

  2. I'll second those wishes for a Happy Father's Day to all of you great dads out there! My H, the father of my daughter and son, is walking to the hardware store with my daughter as I write this. He is doing much to help her recover from an ED, and I love him very much!


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