estradiol likely plays a role in eating disorders

New leads in how genes and environment interact: MSU Researchers Discover Potential Genetic Factor In Eating Disorders.

Mothers everywhere are now googling "estradiol" like crazy!

P.S. Despite the Gee-Whiz Shocker headlines this line of research is neither new nor shocking. These researchers and many others have been exploring the role of hormones and the developmental process for a while and making great strides.

It is interesting to me that the headlines and stories always start with the same premise: that eating disorders are a conscious thought process. For years we've had these "contrary to what was formerly believed" lead-ins talking about biology and genetics and nutrition and yet the central paradigm doesn't shift. Some day the headlines will start with different assumptions!


  1. i never knew about this study and find it pretty fascinating.

  2. I think I left a comment earlier, but I cannot be sure. I wanted to say that this information though it may have been available for some time, was valuable to me because I never heard about this before.

    I was wondering though, if you might be able to tell me how much research has gone into how Borderline Personality Disorder relates to anorexia since I read that it is a common result of BPD. Also I would like to know more about Aspergers and how it relates to eating disorders because i was told when that i probably have Aspergers and read that children with aspergers and autism generally have an obsession or aversion to textures with food. I experienced that since I was a child and have been diagnosed with BPD as well so im wondering how these factors tie in and how many people with anorexia have BPD or Aspergers (on whatever scale)

    If you could provide any information on this, or see if any research has been done I would appreciate it. I would imagine you have better resources than I but if I'm wrong I'm sorry)

  3. Jaded,

    I find both topics fascinating and of course as a layperson I struggle to keep up with it and understand it as best I can.

    The best place,in my opinion, to keep up to date is - I subscribe to "searches" on topics of interest. I also subscribe to anything coming out of NIMH and other sources. Google Scholar is also good. These sources don't explain or give full text of studies but they give a start and then I can go on to buy the full text when needed. There's a lot out there, even if it is difficult to synthesize!

  4. I wonder if they have looked at any correlation to birth control. I bring this up because often ED patients are prescribed birth control to keep a menstrual cycle and help with bone density (although there is debate over how much it helps that issue). I wonder how the estradiol boostage from the Pill might play into the recovery process, if the hormone played a role in the original etiology?

  5. Cammy, that was my question, too!

  6. Interesting study. I wonder if the hormonal wonkiness of pregnancy & the post-partum period is a factor in the increased risk of developing an ED or having a relapse then.


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