For Anonymous:

"Anonymous said... sometimes i wish my body would just go ahead and shut down already, especially my brain then I wouldn't have to feel these intense emotions anymore, anything would be better than this even death."

I care. Can I help? You are in such despair - could you let someone in your life know? Would you let me talk with someone in your life? I care and so does everyone reading this. You CAN feel better. You can live free of those intense emotions: LIVE. It is worth it. YOU are worth it.


  1. Anonymous, you are a precious human being. Please let somebody in your life know how horrible you are feeling. Please let Laura Collins speak to one of your loved ones. You need and DESERVE the best treatment available.

  2. My dear Anonymous...
    you may use the name anonymous, but you're not. You're someone. I've never met you (obviously) but there is something in your comment that made me believe in you.
    That's right: I believe in you.

    We've never met. We've never corresponded. But you have the strength to put your emotions into words--that took me forever to (re)learn to do. I hope you know there is a vast community here that also believes in you. And no, we're not wrong--tell that voice to be quiet.

    Listen to us. We are your friends. We, like you, are daughters, cousins, sisters. We have that in common. And I have a struggle with an ED that's followed me for a good part of my life, so as much as I can, I do understand the pain you're feeling. But it is your pain, and so in that sense, it's uniquely yours. I would love to get to know you more. I know you probably don't think you deserve or need treatment. So let us talk to you first, because ultimately, the decision to enter remission is possible.

    (And I feel the need to fully disclose that I once thought remission wasn't possible, and I'd never live to see 20. Then 25. Then 30. But here I am, for reasons even I don't know.)

    My thoughts are with you.

  3. Anonymous, I know exactly how you are feeling. It's horrible and it seems like it will never, never end. It doesn't matter that intellectually you might be aware that feelings are temporary--feelings don't feel temporary. Which is the whole problem.

    Treatment is probably one of the weirdest, most difficult things I've ever done--BUT at the same time, it is the most sensible and most natural thing in my otherwise crazy internal life. I agree with Laura Collins and KristineM: you deserve the best treatment available. I hope you are able to get it and make the most of it. As a random stranger on the internet: I believe in you.

  4. Anonymous

    I am the mother of an anorexic - I know you deserve help and love to help you through you pain. I believe in you.

    Your pain is terrible but it will pass and be nothing more than a distant nightmare.

    You deserve a long and happy life.

    Reach out and you will be surprised how many people care.

    Charlotte, UK

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