Best ED headline of the day

I have an odd sense of humor. I find this headline hysterical:

Sweden's Princess Victoria overcomes anorexia, marries fitness trainer

Talk about your childhood dreams, girls!


  1. The headline made me giggle, too., that article reminds yo how far we still have to go. The most maddening quote (to me) is:
    "Victoria was slightly plump during her youth, so the drastic weight loss was noticeable,"

    What does that mean? Had she been "thinner" to start with, her illness wouldn't have been noticeable?

  2. it is quite the dramatic headline, that's for sure...

    My dear friend lives in Sweden and has been following this story for me. She says that the Princess is about health now and not thinness. And...she also says that the 'big' story is that she and her trainer are truly in love and that she and he had to 'fight' to get married since he is a 'common man'... 8 years later...they are married.
    YEA for her for a) following her heart b) recovering and c) being public about her ED!

    ...silly headline, still.

  3. Must be the way my brain works (i.e. slow on the uptake), but I don't get why the headline is funny?

    It is nice to hear that she recovered and has been able to move on with her life. I do remember when news stories reported her AN and I felt really sorry for her. The LAST thing someone with AN needs is public attention and paparazzi...

    Kathleen MacDonald (above):

    You state: "She says that the Princess is about health now and not thinness."

    I guess I'd like to emphasise that AN is often not about thinness, and sometimes people are triggered into AN by following what they feel are healthy eating and/or exercise programmes...

  4. I found it funny for a lot of reasons, actually.

    The idea of princesses cracks me up, for a start. The idea that your reward for anorexia is a fitness trainer has its ironies. Summing up people as Princess and Fitness Trainer is an odd pairing. I could go on.

    There is also a sad aspect: that an illness often characterized by obsessions with physical fitness and appearance would be overcome with or despite a professional who peddles such a thing...

  5. what makes me sad is the part where she says the "only thing she could control was the food that went in her". Again, that old control theory. NOT. She was NOT in control, the e.d. was. I am so tired of people saying how it is about control.

    i get the irony part of the headline though, funny.


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