Environment and genetics: what kind of dance is it?

There was a terrific lecture by Cindy Bulik in Stockholm earlier this month. Comprehensive, up to date, and ground-breaking. You missed it? So did I. Oh, dear. But what's this? It's available online, in full, for free, right now:

Hip Hop or Viennese Waltz? The Complex Dance of Genes and Environment in Eating Disorders: Cynthia M. Bulik, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. November 15 15h00 . Location: Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet, Solna.


THANK YOU, Dr. Bulik, Karolinska, and YouTube!!!


  1. wow - my favourite speaker on video - must watch it but not now as it is 23 minutes past midnight - it's tempting though!

  2. I watched this before I went out this morning. It is absolutely brilliant. Cindy Bulik is such a great speaker and the research is excellent.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Laura! It took me about a week to finish watching it but I am so glad I took the time. I agree with Marcella - one of my favorite speakers on eating disorders! Her research is so fascinating and her passion is contagious. I have to say I panicked a bit when I saw the bit about mothers consuming high amounts of fat and sugar during pregnancy potentially having an impact on binge eating in the child when adolescence hits. All that ice cream I ate may be coming back to haunt me...yes, that mother blaming that happened obviously has lasting effects.

    Becky Henry
    Hope Network, LLC


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