Another day, another airport

Yes, flying again. I just realized that 90% of the time that I am not barefoot or in tap shoes I am probably in an airport.

And yet, when they make me take my shoes off in security I resent it! We can fit a room's worth of computing power into a cell phone now but we have to show our holey socks to strangers to get on a plane? Really? And what if I forgot socks - do we really want to walk over the same ground as countless unshod strangers?

Didn't put me off my feed, though. Something to love about airports: lots of choices for lunch. Working at home means having to think almost all meals and snacks up in advance. No surprises. No serendipitous Cuban panini. No whimsical fresh pizza. I can have coffee from four countries just on this hallway. I just might!

I really need to get out more.


  1. Oh dear.
    Come to Melbourne one day and I'll introduce you to a *really* good cup of coffee :)

  2. If I ever get to Melbourne, you're on!!


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